Deep the Ocean

by Jamion Williams

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    This one is for the very, very few who inhabit the venn diagram intersection of "people who love vinyl records" and "people who I need to file a restraining order against".

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    This record doesn't necessarily need a "big" short run. 500 records is just too much to sell, and this release is meant to be a CD/Digital only release anyway. However, there may be some out there that are just manic about getting vinyl, and, if that's you, well, I'm game.

    The cost is expensive, but it's only that way to subsidize production--I'm not taking any profit on this release--and includes some (hopefully) pretty sweet incentives. The vinyl release includes:

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    - The vinyl release will be a different master than the CD and digital releases,
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    There are only 5 copies available. The image below is a mockup and isn't the final version of the artwork... but pretty darn close.

    Oh, and I might file a restraining order, too.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Deep the Ocean via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released February 29, 2016

All songs written by Jamion Williams
Copyright 2016 Oncewonder Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Recorded and Produced by Ethen Martin at Barefoot Music Productions, Chattanooga, TN
Mixed and Mastered by Chuck Harris for Chucksmix -
Engineering Assistance by Nick Grubbs

Co-produced by Tim Newton and Jamion Williams

Jason Foster - Bass
Chris Graham - Electric Guitar -
Robin MacKillop - Vocals
Tim Newton - Drums, Percussion, Programming
John Stoehr - Keys -
Jamion Williams - Guitar, Vocals

Michael Griffith - Horns, Clarinet on “Away on Loan”
Mark Baldwin - Electric Guitar on “Mary” -

Photography by Kenneth Muñoz



all rights reserved


Jamion Williams Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Track Name: Away on Loan
Babe, you made me in your image,
but did that hold you in line?
A way of keeping you from leaving
a life more loosely defined.

If I called out my confession,
would that be more than you could bear?
Babe, you made me in your image,
but it don't look like you care.

And if it comes true,
if I loved you,
Would you love me on your own?
Or would you tell me
that you don't care
when your heart's away on loan?

Babe you lost out when you calmed down,
when you decided to stay.
He's a good man on his path out,
and nothing gets in his way.

You don't see me anymore;
you just see a dim reflection of yourself
when your heart's on loan to anybody else.
Track Name: Man from Tambourine
Well the man from Tambourine
had a look inside his eye.
He's a man of mystery in a town that's running dry.
He just sits alone and drinks while the days turn into weeks.
It's hard but we all understand the ways of the Tambourine man.

Well the man from Tambourine
just got up an walked away.
And we thought him lost for weeks 'til he showed up in a rage.
And he stood up on the bar, said, "I haven't much to say
but listen as close as you can to this song of the Tambourine man:

I'm in love with a woman that don't love me back."

Well the man from Tambourine
doesn't speak up anymore.
He just sits there with his drink and to us he's looking worse.
But it's hard for me to lie, he's a better man than I;
his secret's too precious to keep.
Three cheers for the man Tambourine.
Track Name: Deep the Ocean
Your true potential is seen by the millions.
If not by the millions, at least by me.
You've got a beauty that tempts all the Christians.
They came to praise Jesus, but you set them free.

But you don't believe me,
You don't even care.
It turns out the deeper the ocean, the longer it takes to get there.

God, if you're listening, make me a believer.
I just want to see her. I just want a kiss.
If all this I'm asking makes me sound like Peter,
call me the Betrayer, 'cause I like how it sounds.

But you don't believe me,
It's just what you do.
It turns out the deeper the ocean, the longer it takes to get through.

And I'm asking you, babe,
why do you treat me this way?
All I want is your love.
But I think I know why that just ain't enough.

But you don't believe me,
you're just hanging 'round.
It turns out the deeper the ocean, the longer it takes you to drown.
Track Name: Harm
Baby, you don't understand all the things I say to you,
All the things you make me do burn me up inside.
Baby, you don't understand the simple things I say to you.
You think that you know the truth; you couldn't if you tried.

Don't you wonder why I don't mean you harm?
Baby you're the deep dark inside,
you're the man in the middle,
you're the thing that I want but I don't know why.

Baby, you don't understand it's a time of coming clean,
you constantly confide in me that you know mostly everything.
Baby if I really said all the things they say about you,
would you hear or just deny the way you feel inside?

You're the thing that I want but you're in my way.
Track Name: Mary
Let me go hopeless, it's true we all know that
our hearts are just birds on a wire.
But we just can't see it, we're two mean believers,
for you, I'll keep dancing on fire.

But don't leave me, Mary.

More than an image of things that we see above,
you build and break down these walls.
Babe, I can't turn away,
Love, I just can't relate,
You know I'm drawn to your call.

We believe you're a sinner, a Sister, a saint.
You and me make the most of it everyday.
We believe in the things that we want to believe,
so don't leave me alone.